Elfy Hammock Grey

Ultralight Elfy hammock is a masterpiece in the world of hammocks. Elfy hammock has absorbed all the best: weight, installation, compactness, durability.

The fabric is made of a unique mono-filament yarn and mesh weave. Therefore, it has very high endurance strength. Moreover, the hammock fully takes the shape of your body and very comfortable to the touch.

Now you can easily regulate the height of the hammock. To do this, the straps have a G-shaped hook, so the adjustment of the hammock can take a moment.

The hammock is already equipped with 20mm nylon straps, the length of the straps is enough to comfortably hang the hammock. Also, straps will not harm the bark of trees.

Elfy is the best version of the Pixy hammock, which is already equipped with straps and a lighter, stronger and more durable fabric.

Elfy hammock is very easy to install. Just find 2 trees at a distance of 4-5m and tie a hammock between them. The distance to the ground should be at least 30 cm, so as not to damage the fabric with grass or branches, but not more than 45 cm.


  • do not overload the hammock more than the recommended weight
  • fabric fibers when wet have the ability to migrate, so we do not recommend using a hammock in cases of wetting
  • we do not recommend leaving the hammock in the sun for a long time (a week or more). Nylon thread loses its properties under the influence of sunlight

  M XL
Dimensions 2.7m x 1.2m 3m x 1.45m
Hammock Weight 150g 200g
Weight Capacity 135kg 155kg
Bag size 15cm х 12cm х 8cm 16cm х 12cm х 9cm

Straps Weight: ~108g / 3.08oz

Case Weight: 12g / 0.42oz

Material: Nylon 20D Ripstop Monolite Mesh

Straps: Nylon 20mm

Straps Length: ~2.4m / 94.5" (with G-)

  • Compact
  • Ultralight
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Breathable

1 year warranty

Made in Ukraine