Hammock Tarp Hexagon Grey

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Hammock Tarp Hexagon is an integral addition to the hammock if you plan to use the hammock as a full-fledged sleeping system.

Can be used with any hammock. The area of ​​the tarp allows you to cover a fairly large area, which provides almost 100% protection from wind and rain.

Tarp material is made from recycled plastic bottles 

It has the shape of a hexagon. The tarp has 10 UHMW PE CORD (similar as dyneema) guy lines, 2 of which are attached to trees (slightly below the level of the hammock installation) and 8 of them serve for the most comfortable stretching of the hammock and are attached with pegs to the ground.

The tarp is very easy to install.


  • Please try to dry the tarp before folding it back into the case. If this is not possible, place the awning separately from dry items / equipment.

Dimensions: 3.5m - length, 3m - width

Weight: ~375g

Material: Silpoly Ripstop 20D Sil / PU 2000mm

Size in the bag: 17cm x 15cm x 7cm

Cord material: UHMW PE CORD (similar as dyneema) 2 mm

Cords: 8pcs * 1.5m, 2pcs * 2.5m

  • Compact
  • Ultralight
  • Sturdy
  • UHMW PE CORD (similar as dyneema) braces
  • 10 loops with WJ cord tensioners

NOTE: Pegs are not included

1 year warranty

Made in Ukraine

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