How properly lie in hammock

We often get questions: "How to lie in a hammock?", "How to sleep in a hammock?". And that's why we decided to gather all the knowledge in a heap, so that even fewer people make mistakes and enjoy hanging in the hammock.

Before telling you how to properly lie in a hammock, it would be worth saying how NOT to hang a hammock. A hammock without a load should not be stretched as a string, in which case you will not be able to lie down comfortably. Therefore, first of all you need to install the hammock correctly, the hammock should sag freely.

Lie down diagonally


As soon as you lie diagonally, you will feel how the hammock gently envelops every inch of your back and how you are really comfortable and convenient.

In some cases, your body may seem to fall to the middle of the hammock and this may affect your comfort. In this case, we recommend setting the side of the legs 20-25 cm higher. This will help prevent the body from slipping.

Also at the end we would like to remind you about the safety and rules of using a hammock.

  • hang the hammock no higher than 60-70 cm from the ground (recommended distance from the hammock to the ground 20-40 cm)
  • do not hang the hammock over water, cracks in the ground or just sharp objects
  • Avoid sharp objects in your pockets or shoes (if you still decide to climb into a hammock in shoes, but we do not recommend it)