How to choose a hammock?

Many people are hesitant to choose between Elfy and Pixy hammocks, so we decided to summarise all the features of each hammock. At once it would be desirable to say that these ones. First, we would like to say that they are absolutely different hammocks and it is impossible to compare them in principle. However, we receive many questions concerning it therefore we will try to collect all in a heap.

So, let's start with Pixy. This is our first hammock and we tried to make it perfect. Its dimensions are 2.9 m long and 1.2 m wide. The weight is only 200g and it is already with the cords that come with the hammock.

To say that this hammock is compact is to say nothing.

Breathable fabric, nylon 20D. Many people hesitate to sit in this hammock, thinking that the fabric will not stand, but we want to assure everyone that there is nothing to be afraid of. We tested a hammock with a much heavier weight than the one recommended.

The Elfy, in turn, is 2.7m long and just like the Pixy 1.2m wide. The biggest advantage of this hammock over Pixy is the way it is fastened. This hammock comes complete with 2.35m straps, which have a special G-hook with which you can easily and quickly fasten the hammock. You can read more here


Elfy fabric has a slightly lower degree of compression, so when folded into the case it has a slightly larger size than the Pixy. However, this fabric is pleasant to the touch and has a very beautiful appearance.