How to choose the size of a hammock

Due to the fact that many people use a hammock for sleeping, we decided to produce XL size hammocks, which will be 3m long and 1.45m wide.

But with the advent of the new size, we get a lot of questions about what size will be perfect for certain needs.


Your choice - XL (3m x 1.45m) size, if:

1. Your height is more than 180 cm

2. You plan to sleep in a hammock on a hike

3. You want to lie (lie down, not sleep!) in a hammock together


Your choice is M (2.65m x 1.2m) size if:

1. You are UL backpacker and you are critical to have an extra 50g and a couple of extra cubic centimetres in a backpack :)

2. You do not plan to sleep in a hammock on a hike, but want to take a hammock with you on a hike to relax in it.

3. You consider a hammock as a rest in the park / square and you are not taller than 175 cm.


We would also like to add that the XL size is a universal hammock that will suit everyone. But the decision is always yours!