Hammock Mosquito Mesh

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Hammock Mesh is an integral part of a complete sleeping system. It will protect you from insects and also add a unique microclimate inside the hammock. The Hammock Mesh is compatible with the Pixy Hammock and the Elfy Hammock of any size, as well as other manufacturers hammocks.

The hammock mosquito net comes with a ridge line. A special stopper is attached to this cord, which can be used to adjust the tension of the ridge line. There are also carabiners at the ends of the cord to fasten the ridge line to the hammock. In case your hammock has straps, you can remove the carabiner and attach the ridgeline to the hammock with simple knots.

The hammock mesh net features an integrated ridge-line sack, designed as a convenient storage solution for personal items while relaxing in the hammock. This dedicated bag ensures easy access to essentials like your phone, allowing for a comfortable and organized outdoor experience.

The Hammock Mesh is very easy to install, just fasten the ridge line along the edges of the hammock with special carabiners and fasten the net by fasteners.

Caution: Adjusting the tension of the ridge line must be done while you are in the hammock.

The mesh material has very small holes, so it will protect against insects of any size.

Sizes: 2.8m x 1m / 79" x 39.5"

Weight: ~ 150g / 4,6oz (including ridge-line, Ridge-line Sack, case)

Material: Nylon Mesh 100%

Ridge line: 3.2m / 2mm UHMW PE CORD (similar as dyneema)

Set: Bug Net, case, ridge cord, Ridge-line Sack

1 year warranty

Made in Ukraine

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