Pixy Hammock 2.0 Grey

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Pixy 2.0 is a new version of the Pixy hammock.

The main differences from the previous version:

  • fastening system
  • dimensions

Pixy 2.0 now features a unique G-straps fastening system. Such fastening will allow you to quickly, easily and conveniently install a hammock. You can also adjust the height of the hammock without removing the hammock from the trees.

Pixy 2.0 has 2 sizes:

  • M - ultralight version
  • XL - is a large version for those who like comfort or plan to sleep in a hammock

How to choose a hammock size?

Pixy 2.0 is completely ready to use.

The hammock folds into a compact bag the size of an orange. G-straps fold compactly and tighten with elastic for convenient storage.

Pixy 2.0 is very easy to install. It is enough to find 2 trees (or anchors on which you plan to fix the hammock) at a distance of 3m to 4.5m and install the hammock between them. The distance from the hammock to the ground should be at least 30cm, so as not to damage the fabric with grass or branches.

The fabric of the hammock has a special strengthening Ripstop weave and breathes well. It will be comfortable in any weather. Thanks to the elasticity of the fabric, the hammock will take the shape of your body.

Pixy 2.0 can be used as a sleeping system together with a hammock mesh and hammock tarp.


  • do not overload the hammock with more than the recommended weight
  • fabric fibers tend to migrate when wet, so we do not recommend using the hammock if it gets wet
  • we do not recommend leaving the hammock in the sun for a long time (a week or more). Nylon thread loses its properties under the influence of sunlight
  • avoid sharp and cutting objects in your pockets, they can easily damage the fabric
  • we recommend removing your shoes before lying down in the hammock, shoes can damage the fabric

Frequently asked questions:

  M XL
Dimensions 2.7m x 1.2m 3m x 1.45m
Weight 147g 195g
Weight Capacity 135kg 135kg
Bag size 12cm х 8cm х 8cm 15cm х 9cm х 9cm

Material: Nylon 20D Ripstop

Cord: 4mm, Nylon

Straps Weight: ~105g / 3.7oz

Straps Length: ~2.2m / 78.74"

1 year warranty

Made in Ukraine

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