Hammock Eco-Straps with G-hook

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G-straps are the easiest solution for attaching a hammock. They not only do not damage the bark of trees, but these eco-straps come with a special G-shaped hook, which greatly simplifies the installation and adjustment of the hammock height.

You do not need to knit any knots, just have a loop-like fastening on the hammock (carabiner, cord loop), to use these slings. Therefore, it is safe to say that these slings will be compatible with almost all hammocks.

These straps are included to Elfy Hammock and Pixy 2.0 Hammock

Straps Weight: ~110g / 3.08oz

Straps: Nylon 20mm

Straps Length: ~2.35m / 94.5"

  • Compact
  • Ultralight
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable

1 year warranty

Made in Ukraine

There are no reviews yet

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