Hammock Tarp Single

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Ultralight Single Hammock Tarp is designed for hammocks up to 2.9 meters in length.

The Single tarp has a seamless design and a catenary cut. It has the shape of a parallelogram.

Tarp material is made from recycled plastic bottles 

The tarp is equipped with UHMW PE cord tensioners in the amount of 4pcs. All loops have cord tensioners for speed and ease of use.

A ridge line is included with the tarp, which helps to keep the shape and tension of the tarp. At the ends of the ridge line there are special hooks that make the installation of the awning convenient and fast.

Seams of the shelter are non-sealed. For sealing the seams we recommend sealant based on silicone.

Suitable for use with Hammock Mesh.


  • Please try to dry the tarp before packing it back into the case. If this is not possible, place the tarp separately from dry clothes/equipment.
  • This tarp is suitable for hammocks no longer than 2.9m. If the hammock is longer, Single Tarp cannot garantee a full protection.

Dimensions: 3.35m x 1.55m x 2.45m (has the shape of a parallelogram)

Weight: ~230g / 8,11oz

Area: 3.6 sq.m.

Material: Silpoly 20D Ripstop 2000mm

Folded size: 14cm х 9cm х 9cm / 5.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"

Cords material: 2mm UHMW PE cord (similar to Dyneema)

Ridge Line: 10m 2mm UHMW PE cord (similar to Dyneema)

Cords Length: 4pcs * 1.5m,

  • Compact
  • Ultralight
  • Durable
  • UHMW PE(similar as Dyneema) guy lines
  • 6 basic loops with guy lines adjusters WJ
  • Seamless

NOTICE: Tarp pegs are not included

1 year warranty

Made in Ukraine

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