Tarp HUT

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The HUT Tarp is a completely new and unique development in ultralight gear. Ultralight weight, a large area of protection from wind and rain and lots of installation options - this is all about the НUT tarp.

A absolutely unique feature is that the HUT tarp has "doors" on both sides, which are fixed with a help of fastex. They help you quickly and conveniently leave and enter the shelter.The key difference to the Hexagon tarp is that the HUT tarp gives you the "tent" effect of a hammock, because you get a closed and protected space not only on the sides, but also in the front and back.

It has the shape of a rectangle. 18 guylines made of UHMW PE CORD (similar to dyneema) allow to stretch the tarp as comfortable as possible and are fixed with stakes in the ground. Also, in case of strong wind, it is possible to fix the tarp to a tree using additional guylines.A ridge line is included with the tarp which helps to keep the shape and tension of the tarp. At the ends of the ridge line there are special hooks that make the installation of the tarp convenient and fast.

The tarp is very convenient to install and has several installation options, for example a classic house or to make a completely closed and maximally protected from wind and rain sleeping place. It is a perfect addition to the hammock, if you plan to use the hammock as a full-fledged sleeping system.

Seams of the shelter are non-sealed. For sealing the seams we recommend sealant based on silicone.

Tarp material is made from recycled plastic bottles 

Dimensions: 3.5m - length, 3m - width

Weight: 620g (with guylines)

Material: Silpoly Ripstop 20D Sil/PU 2000mm

Packed size: 17x12x8cm

Cord material: UHMW PE CORD (similar to dyneema) 2mm

Ridge Line: 10m UHMW PE CORD (similar to dyneema) 2mm

Cords: 6 pcs x 2.5 m, 10 pcs x 1.5 m

  • A unique system of "closed" awning
  • Compact
  • Super light
  • Sturdy
  • UHMW PE CORD braces (similar to dyneema)
  • 18 loops with WJ cord tensioners
  • Provides maximum protection from wind and rain
There are no reviews yet

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